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Ever since 2005, Chinavasion has been serving wholesale and dropship customers worldwide. Chinavasion is headquartered in Hong Kong with its warehouse and logistics in the centre of the world's electronics manufacturing hub: Shenzhen.

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#41 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-05-31 12:54:03
Video Door Phone + Monitor
The video door phone brings convenience and security, this easy to install security gadget ensures that you never have to put you and your family at risk by opening the door to see who's there. 
► Specs: 7 Inch TFT Screen, 700TVL, Electric Door Control, Two Way Audio
► See More:  www.chinavasion.com/u8mn-SurveillanceSecurity/

#42 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-05-31 12:56:36
Universal 4 in 1 Phone Lens Kit
Take your mobile photography to the next level with a nice set of 3 lenses + LED light for your smartphone. Compatible with most smartphones, the lens kit is a great way to make your mobile pics frame-worthy. 
► Specs: 198 Degree Fisheye Lens, 15X Macro Lens, 0.4x Wide Angle Lens, 4 LED Lights
► See More:  www.chinavasion.com/uesy-MobilePhones/

#43 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-05-31 13:00:28
4 Channel NVR Kit
Feel safe and secure and keep an eye on your property when away with the compact 4 channel NVR kit coming with wireless 720P cameras, motion detection, night vision, email notifications and more. 
► Specs: 4 Wireless 720P Cameras, Motion Detection, Night Vision, 3TB HDD Support, Android + iOS Support
► See More:  www.chinavasion.com/0570-SurveillanceSecurity/

#44 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-06-02 13:31:05
360 Lumen LED Camp Light
Portable lightweight solar powered LED camping light with built in 0.55W Polycrystalline solar panel will shine for up to 8 hours from a single charge. Much safer and cleaner than kerosene or gas lanterns this solar powered light has a built in sensor so will automatically turn on in the dark. Hang it out in the sun throughout the day and at night you can enjoy between 2 and 8 hours of lighting (depending on brightness setting) 
► Specs: 60 LEDs, 5.5V Polycrystalline Solar Panel, 5 Modes, 1200mAh Battery
► See More:  www.chinavasion.com/vv6m-LEDLights/

#45 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-06-02 13:33:16
180 Lumen Camping Light
This LED camping light is your perfect outdoor companion, protected from the elements with its IP6X rating its not afraid to get wet or dirty. When you go out for a trip the weather never seems to be on your side, but this camping LED light has aprotection, meaning it's weatherproof.Made from a durable ABS plastic this LED light will last you ages and with its fantastic features you won't ever go camping without it. 
► Specs: IPx6 Rating, 1800mAh Battery, Phone Charging Function, 3Light Modes, Hanging Clip, Built in Magnet
► See More:  www.chinavasion.com/dv2k-LEDLights/

#46 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-06-08 09:04:26
NEJE DK-8-KZ High Speed Laser Engraver
The NEJE DK-8-KZ laser engraver is great for precision engraving on wood, plastic, bamboo, rubber, leather, or to cut paper or foam. You can use it for home DIY projects, customizing accessories like phone cases, jewelry, awards, trophies and more. 
► Specs: 1000mW, Custom Software Included, Windows Support, 512x512 Resolution
► See More:  www.chinavasion.com/r67y-ElectronicsGadgets/

#47 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-06-08 09:09:28
Bluetooth Speaker + LED Lamp
Looking like a beautiful bird perched on a branch this LED lamp and speaker has a unique and charming design, inspired by nature and brining a touch of spring in to your home to light up your day. 
► Specs: 3 Lighting modes, Touch Button, Hand Free, Bluetooth 4.0, 500mAh Battery
► See More:  www.chinavasion.com/czid-HomeAudioVideo/

#48 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-06-08 09:15:37
Full HD 1080P Game Camera
A wide angles PIR sensor and seriously swift trigger time of under a second means that you won't miss any of the action and thanks to the cameras 36 IR LEDs and night vision you can be sure to capture all events night and day. 
► Specs: 12MP, 6 Months Standby, 2 Inch Screen, Speaker + Mic, PIR, 23M Night Vision
► See More:  www.chinavasion.com/vif5-SportsOutdoors/

#49 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-06-08 09:21:40
NEJE DK-8 Pro5 High Speed Laser Engraver
The Windows software is easy to use so in next to no time you will be engraving your custom designs and letting your creativity flourish with the limitless possibilities that this engraver brings. With a working area of 1444 square millimeters you can print 512 by 512 resolution images and designs of your own making.
► Specs: 500mW, 512x512 Resolution, Custom Windows Software Included
► See More:  www.chinavasion.com/hyum-ElectronicsGadgets/

#50 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-06-08 09:25:45
Ordro Digital Video Camera
Do you need a capable but affordable HD digital camera for all-around recording purposes? If yes, then you'll definitely want to learn more about what the Ordro digital video camera has to offer!
► Specs: 1/4 Inch 5MP CMOS Sensor, 1080p Video, 24 MP Photos, Anti-Shake, LCD Touch Screen
► See More:  www.chinavasion.com/orkx-ElectronicsGadgets/

#51 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-06-08 09:38:38
D35 Full HD Dual Car DVR
This Pan-Tilt-Zoomcamera is equipped with all the necessary features to provide your home with
secure monitoring when you are away.
► Specs: 1080P, Wide Angle Lenses, 2.4 inch TFT Display, GPS, G-Sensor, Motion Detection, Auto Recording
► See More:  www.chinavasion.com/fi38-CarVideo/

#52 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-06-08 09:42:27
HD Hunting Camera
This hunting camera is a great tool for nature observation that will let you see wildlife in their natural habitat and without disturbing their regular patterns. 
► Specs: 12MP, 1080P, IP66, 2 Inch Display, 4X Digital Zoom, 6 Months Standby, Powerful Night Vision
► See More:  www.chinavasion.com/pv2g-SportsOutdoors/

#53 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-06-08 09:44:46
Non-Contact Infrared Body and Object Thermometer
The non-contact infrared thermometer is a great tool for keeping your family healthy and is simply indispensible in a home with small children. 
► Specs: 3 Color Backlit Display, High Fever Alarm, 5 Second Reading (Purple)
► See More:  www.chinavasion.com/45wm-HealthLifestyle/

#54 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-06-08 09:47:44
Brinyte B158 LED Flashlight
Get a reliable source of light for all your outdoor adventures with the Brinyte B158 LED Flashlight. With 480Lm, 5 modes, IP68 waterproof rating and a powerful rechargeable battery, it is sure to come in handy in a number of situations. 
► Specs: 480Lumen, 2400 mA Rechargeable Battery, 5 Modes, IPX8, Zoom
► See More:  www.chinavasion.com/hpag-LEDLights/

#55 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-06-08 09:53:50
Brinyte B158 Cree LED Flashlight
Casting its light up to 500 meter this 900 lumen white light Cree LED flashlight has 5 settings and an IPx8 rating so it's suitable for every need.
► Specs: 900Lumen, 2400mAh Battery, 5 Modes, 500 Meter Range, IPX8, AL-6061 Aluminum
► See More: www.chinavasion.com/ka33-LEDLights/

#56 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-06-08 09:57:58
Mfox A10 Pro Gold Rugged Smartphone
This phone will really turn heads with its Au750 gold badge, camera lens and speaker surround it's got some real bling and comes it its own wooden presentation box. The rugged smartphone also comes with a large 6 inch display, 4G connectivity, Android 5.0 and lots of other great features. 
► Specs: 2.37g Au750 Gold, 6 Inch 1080P Screen, Android 5.0, 4G, Altimeter
► See More:  www.chinavasion.com/vg44-AndroidPhones/

#57 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-06-08 10:01:13
Digital Infrared Ear Thermometer
The infrared ear thermometer efficiently measures body temperature and clearly displays the readings on its digital display. 
► Specs: 3 Color Backlit Display, Auto Power Off, Temperature Unit Conversion, Fever Alarm (Pink)
► See More:  www.chinavasion.com/e4a7-HealthLifestyle/

#58 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-06-08 10:03:39
1080P HD Car DVR
Are you going on a long trip by car? Just mount this large screen DVR on the windshield and it will record what is on the road in very detailed with 1080p HD video. 
► Specs: 170 Degree Lens, 4 Inch LCD, Motion Detection, G-Sensor
► See More:  www.chinavasion.com/PHDCarDVR/

#59 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-06-13 12:34:54
Android TV Box + Soundbar
This one-piece soundbar and TV Box brings 4K video support with full range speakers and woofers that offer fantastic audio quality for a fully functioning home cinema experience.
► Specs: 4Kx2K, Android 5.1, Quad Core CPU, DVB-T2, 50 Watt Audio, HDMI, Wi-Fi, Kodi
► See More:  www.chinavasion.com/mj6n-AndroidTVBoxStick/

#60 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-06-13 12:39:57
Pre-Order NO.1 D6 3G Smart Watch

We are long past the time when all that a watch could do was tell time. These days, a watch can talk to your phone, measure your heart rate, read messages, surf the web and even make calls - at least this is the case with the NO.1 D6 3G Smart Watch Phone
► Specs: Android 5.1, 3G, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, GPS, Pedometer, Barometer
► See More:  www.chinavasion.com/08bh-SmartWatches/

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